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Project Details

TGI Friday's

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Project Details:

Category:  Hospitality

Size:  3,500 sq ft

Build Time:  6 Weeks

Service:  Interior/Exterior Remodel

When it came time for the owner of the well known TGI Friday's in Tulsa to make over his successful, yet outdated store, he knew he needed a team that would come in and take care of business, while he kept his business operational.  This takes experience and dedication to pull off in a short amount of time, which reduces the impact of the construction phase.  RWFS did just that and worked nights for 6 weeks straight until the job was complete.  This store received a full remodel of the interior and exterior and WOW does it look fabulous now. 

After 6 weeks, the new and improved TGI Friday's store was successfully turned back over to the owners in November 2016.

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